Prague is usually called the city of a thousand spires (and you can see one of the reasons why on the picture above these words), but more importantly, this city is the historical capital of Bohemia (they have a great history and heritage behind and they were also very very rich people, I guess that’s why they have all those fancy historical buildings around every corner). But you have heard about Bohemia, right? You know those precious glasses and vases that you were not allowed to touch as a child and that your mom has in the living room, some of them are for sure bohemia crystals. And yes, almost on every single one of Prague’s streets you will find lots of shops with , yes, you guessed it – Bohemia crystal!!
This thing that you can see here on this guy’s awesome smartphone is the narrowest street in Prague! And because it’s so tiny, they installed traffic lights so people can take their turns walking on it. But of course nobody cares about the traffic light and they go whenever they want and then *BAM* a traffic jam suddenly occurs..
We had the fortune of visiting this city two times this fall. And also, expect a lot of posts about cities from the Czech Republic because one half of viewcatchers (guess which one!) spent 6 weeks there this autumn and had an amazing experience with the Czech people and other international people, but that story is for another post! Anyways, what we wanted to say is that Prague is also beautiful on a rainy day…
See you soon! Sooner than you think! And with a lot of surprises!
Last, but not least, some more details to make you really want to visit this city! Also Prague is quite close to us, easy to get there by plane or bus, and the prices are not so different to ours, a bit more expensive we must admit, but I think if you compare it to Bucharest’s city centre or its fancy restaurants, you will find out that they are almost the same price. So, what are you waiting for? (we know we know, money, but they will come, right? *staying positive*)

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